Auditioning for Static Noyze in – July

Being a part of the dance scene in the Boston-Cambridge area this summer has been an amazing experience. The workshops offered by Norheastern’s Kinematix are really high quality, and MIT’s Constructs has people with different styles in popping that are always down to session. To end my July on a high note, I auditioned for Static Noyze, who placed 3rd in World of Dance New Jersey. Watching their set on WOD was a lot of fun, but learning the new pieces of their Ninja Set gave me a really fresh perspective on how professional dance groups teach choreography, and the discipline these dance groups whip themselves with 4 days a week is intense. These people don’t pretend to be ninjas.

I’ve also never sweated this much in life. The first few minutes, I worked up “Stage 1 Sweat” – the good kind of sweat that pumps you up and lights your body on fire. Then came “Stage 2 Sweat” – the kind of sweat that drips to uncomfortable places, that pools into dark, oval circles on your shirt and that makes you awkwardly keep wiping away sweat but you have nothing try to wipe with anymore. It’s getting tiring, but OK, OK still moving. I’ve always floated around “Stage 2 Sweat” from running, weightlifting, and other choreography pieces, but as they taught the final song, my body skyrocketed into “Stage 3 Sweat” – S3S. Before reaching this stage, my hair had gotten some of that good, sexy push-back from dancing so much, but S3S stiffened my hair like I had overdone my Gatsby. I literally lost my cool RIP. Hitting the beats in the foreground and background was like playing DDR SuperNova all over again (the best DDR). In front of me were streams of sick tuts, wrist-breaks and body rolls against the floor, and I was lagging behind trying to desperately follow everything until my energy bar depleted to zero (and later exploded). And that’s how my auditions went.

Joking aside, this experience was very electrifying as I pushed myself to my limits in their audition, and also eye-opening as I realized what it took to compete at the top level. I hope they have a really good set in WODLA, and I hope I can bring the dance energy I felt today to Ecelctics!


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