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Auditioning for Static Noyze in – July

Being a part of the dance scene in the Boston-Cambridge area this summer has been an amazing experience. The workshops offered by Norheastern’s Kinematix are really high quality, and MIT’s Constructs has people with different styles in popping that are always down to session. To end my July on a high note, I auditioned for Static Noyze, who placed 3rd in World of Dance New Jersey. Watching their set on WOD was a lot of fun, but learning the new pieces of their Ninja Set gave me a really fresh perspective on how professional dance groups teach choreography, and the discipline these dance groups whip themselves with 4 days a week is intense. These people don’t pretend to be ninjas.

I’ve also never sweated this much in life. The first few minutes, I worked up “Stage 1 Sweat” – the good kind of sweat that pumps you up and lights your body on fire. Then came “Stage 2 Sweat” – the kind of sweat that drips to uncomfortable places, that pools into dark, oval circles on your shirt and that makes you awkwardly keep wiping away sweat but you have nothing try to wipe with anymore. It’s getting tiring, but OK, OK still moving. I’ve always floated around “Stage 2 Sweat” from running, weightlifting, and other choreography pieces, but as they taught the final song, my body skyrocketed into “Stage 3 Sweat” – S3S. Before reaching this stage, my hair had gotten some of that good, sexy push-back from dancing so much, but S3S stiffened my hair like I had overdone my Gatsby. I literally lost my cool RIP. Hitting the beats in the foreground and background was like playing DDR SuperNova all over again (the best DDR). In front of me were streams of sick tuts, wrist-breaks and body rolls against the floor, and I was lagging behind trying to desperately follow everything until my energy bar depleted to zero (and later exploded). And that’s how my auditions went.

Joking aside, this experience was very electrifying as I pushed myself to my limits in their audition, and also eye-opening as I realized what it took to compete at the top level. I hope they have a really good set in WODLA, and I hope I can bring the dance energy I felt today to Ecelctics!


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What have I been doing Spring Semester? Dancing~ – May

Holy Moly, College is stressful.

I have had a pretty difficult time balancing my time, which you might have guessed from the lack of posts. Throughout the spring semester, I have felt many urges to spring to my computer to write on Word Press and record my experiences at Hopkins, but alas, there is just too much many things to write!

I guess I’ll spend 30 minutes just SoC writing what I thought was one of the best things that happened to me, and it would be a good study break!

Greatest experience at Hopkins so far? It has to be Eclectics. For those of you who aren’t hip, Eclectics is a dance group that invites many different styles into their choreography. Everyone in the group brings a distinct flair to the dance floor, and it’s awesome to see these different styles amalgamate into spectacular performances! Some people I was particularly struck by (and I loveee focusing on them when they dance): Kangqiao’s “fabulous” attitude, Megha’s sexy “Derek Zoolander” expressions, and everything about Mia! (so much charisma and swag in such a small package!). I can go further! There is Raymond’s “cleanness” and “class”, Aurora’s “finesse” (she just looks so beautiful when she dances), Nakura’s “gracefulness” in her leaps. Khalid and Eddy are just straight just G’s, Ilana so cheerful and awesome to dance with, and Elsheba is such a diva when she moves, I love watching her. For Dillon, I feel like can also do everything: I’ve never seen someone with such a small butt shake it with such skill and grace.

And then there is Mey’s “Skills”. I’ll just stop there. But I will say her dance in “Bubble Butt” was damn inspirational, shaking booty is just as fun as waving my hands. Damn, I hope she never reads this. Too late, it’s been said. I’m now learning from Kangqiao to also get really low with it, I have so much to learn. It might be weird reading this, but I’ve danced like a gangster for so long I want to develop the “bad bitch” side of me now. Btw If I didn’t mention someone’s name, omg, I’m so sorry, I really can’t stop and think :p.

In all seriousness though, I’ve tried joining a bunch of groups here at Hopkins, but Eclectics is one of the groups (along with APO and CSA) I really feel comfortable in. I’m still shy as always when it comes to meeting people in student groups, and I admit I’m still quiet as heck around some of the people in our group as I just don’t know what to say. But in Eclectics, we do a lot of dancing instead of talking, and there is this bond that is created when you dance with people regularly in a group. Argh, its just so indescribable. Sometimes, you can really get to know a good part of a person by watching how they move. In a dance, I feel like you put a lot of your personality, your swag, your emotions into a dance, and when you dance together and learn choreography, your personalities and emotions become in sync for the briefest of moments, for a minute to a minute thirty seconds, and that is enough to connect with someone.

I guess my most memorable moment in Eclectics is preparing for the Spring Showcase. For nearly a month, every member exhausted themselves, pooling their heart and energy into this showcase, and in the end, put on some of the best dance performances I have seen. As a group, some of us entered a little bit unfamiliar with one another, but together, we created a piece of art that was so opaque in beauty, yet invisible, so alive and energetic, yet intangible, and so lucid in our mind, yet indescribable. I love Eclectics for giving me a beautiful memory that I now share with the wonderful people in this group, and for becoming one of my most memorable experiences at Hopkins.



Small Note:

Well that was more than thirty minutes, but it was worth.

Some other topics I have been planning on writing:

– My thoughts on majoring in BME (I have a blog actually half written up, but I plan on publishing it at the end of the semester so I can a clearer idea)

– Maybe just how I’m feeling sometimes! Sometimes I’m just so pent up its unhealthy. Other times, I have hilarious/fun/memorable moments with my friend group, but I just forget to record it

I guess back to work.


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